28 março 2007

"Justiça Restaurativa" Actualizações Abril 2007

Updates on restorative developments worldwide April 2007

Organizing Ex-Combatants for Peace in Mozambique

As violent civil conflicts end, ex-combatants are sometimes treated as a risk to social peace and stability. Yet, as one organization in Mozambique demonstrates, ex-combatants can be key players in the peacebuilding process, promoting peace and reconciliation, and mediating peaceful solutions to conflicts. http://www.restorativejustice.org/editions/2007/april2007/mozambique


Lee County Victim Offender Conference Program

The Lee County Victim Offender Conference (VOC) Program is a relatively new outgrowth of the Illinois Balanced and Restorative Justice Initiative. VOC provides victims with an opportunity to meet with first time young offenders as a diversion from court. In this article, Mary Huffman of Lee County Probation provides an overview of the development of Lee County VOC. http://www.restorativejustice.org/editions/2007/april2007/leecounty


Meet Duane Ruth-Heffelbower

Duane Ruth-Heffelbower is a founding member of the Victim Offender Reconciliation Program in Fresno, California. http://www.restorativejustice.org/resources/leading/ruthheffelbower


Book Review: Criminal Punishment and Restorative Justice.

In criminal justice debates, punishment is often defended as an end in itself. Eric Assur reviews a book that explores the need to move beyond punishment to a restorative focus. http://www.restorativejustice.org/editions/2007/april2007/book-review-criminal-punishment-and-restorative-justice


Video Review: Widening the Circle: The Family Group Decision Making Experience

The use of restorative process to address domestic violence has been hotly debated. This 43 minute video begins with a dramatization of one case of family violence and shows how Family Group Conferencing offers families the opportunity to develop their own solutions. http://www.restorativejustice.org/editions/2007/april2007/videofgdm


Website of the Month: Illinois Balanced and Restorative Justice Initiative

The Illinois Balanced and Restorative Justice Initiative (IBARJI) is a collaboration of nearly 35 volunteers providing information and support to courts, governmental agencies, organizations and individuals as they work to promote restorative justice in communities throughout Illinois. This website is one tool used in this initiative. http://www.restorativejustice.org/editions/2007/april2007/ibarji


Recent Changes

Recent additions to Restorative Justice Online. http://www.restorativejustice.org/editions/2007/april2007/recent