01 setembro 2006

RESTORATIVE JUSTICE ONLINE: Updates on restorative developments worldwide

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Updates on restorative developments worldwide
September 2006

Meet Sónia Sousa Pereira
Sónia Sousa Pereira is a former criminal lawyer and a researcher working on the implementation of victim-offender mediation and other restorative practices in Portugal.
Sónia Sousa Pereira é também directora da Associação de Mediadores de conflitos.
New Juvenile Justice Law in the Philippines
With the signing of the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act 2006 by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, the Philippines introduced a new juvenile justice system. Among the many provisions seeking to protect children in conflict with the law, the legislation calls for restorative justice to be an integral part of the new system.
Serious Crimes Conferencing in Baltimore
The Community Mediation Center offers a variety of conference services in Baltimore, Maryland. The center offers court diversion for non-violent offenses, alternatives to school suspension, re-entry conferencing, and neighborhood conflict resolution. In this article, Lauren Abramson, executive director of the Community Mediation Center, provides an overview of a serious crimes conference held in a prison setting.
Community Mediation and Community Development In Scotland
Over 3000 community conflicts in Scotland are resolved through Community Mediation each year. The NGO Sacro has developed a series of manuals for developing a Community Mediation service. The final manual addresses the role of community mediation in fostering community development. In this article, Ian McDonough, mediation adviser for Sacro, provides an overview of the manual with a link to the full-text. http://www.restorativejustice.org/editions/2006/september06/commed
Book Review: Understanding Victims and Restorative Justice
Although restorative justice claims to include all those affected by wrongdoing in responding to crime, it has been criticized as being too offender focused. In this book, restorative justice is viewed through a victim-focused lens.
Video Review: Communities and the Challenge of Conflict: New Perspectives on Restorative Justice
Communities and the Challenge of Conflict offers a brief overview of restorative justice and of a number of the issues surrounding its implementation. It was designed to lead into group discussion, and it is highly suited for that purpose. http://www.restorativejustice.org/editions/2006/september06/challenge
Website of the Month: Centre for Restorative Justice, Australian National University
The Centre for Restorative Justice at the Australian National University conducts theoretical and empirical research in restorative justice. This website provides information about the Centre’s projects.
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