28 junho 2006

“Beyond-Reason” novo livro de Roger Fisher

“Beyond-Reason” novo livro de Roger Fisher

Utilizado pela equipa de negociação de reféns do departamento de policia de Nova Iorque:

"We regularly apply the skills of Beyond Reason to create the straightforward dialogue that resolves the vast majority of our negotiations."
- Lt. Cambria, Commanding Officer,NYPD Hostage Negotiation Team

Practical Negotiation Tools
Here are tools to help you apply the ideas in Beyond Reason in your own negotiations.
Preparation is power. Before your next conflict or negotiation, take 40-60 minutes to complete the Emotions Preparation Tool. You can download it for free (on this page) and can type answers to the questions. Print out your completed sheet and review it prior to your negotiation.
Using the prep tool, you can significantly increase your negotiating power. As you walk into a negotiation, you will have a better sense of the emotional landscape and how to deal with it.
Don't have 40 minutes? Print out the tool and skim through the questions. Think about possible answers. The process of thinking about the emotional dimension from your perspective and from that of the other parties can foster better negotiating. You'll be more prepared to deal with negative emotions and to stimulate positive ones.

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