30 junho 2006

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July 2006

New Restorative Approach to Sex Crimes

The RESTORE programme offers an alternative to conventional justice processes for victims of date and acquaintance rape. In this article, Mary P. Koss, principal investigator for the RESTORE project, offers an overview of the programme..



How Could You Do This to Me?

The Centre for Sexual Assault in Copenhagen provides to women who have been victimized by sexual assault. The Centre offers a victim offender mediation project to allow women to confront their attackers in face-to-face meetings or by correspondence. In this article, Karin Sten Madsen, a counselor with the Centre, explains the reasons for the programme and relates the experiences of three women who chose to participate in it.



First Person: Restorative Justice Offers Hope

Vicki Sanderford-O'Connor is a restorative justice advocate working in California. In this article, she explains how she learned about restorative justice and how that helped her respond when her granddaughter was charged with capital murder.



Book Review: Mapping restorative justice: Developments in 25 European countries

Restorative justice is growing in practice and popularity in Europe. This book compares practices in 25 countries including information on the legal base, scope, implementaion, evaluation, contact addresses and published material concerning the country's programmes.



Video Review: Glimmer of Hope

Glimmer of Hope follows the journey of healing for one family after the rape and murder of their 18 year old daughter and sister.



Meet Adriana Barbosa Sócrates

Adriana Barbosa Sócrates is a psychologist working with restorative practices in Brazil.



Website of the Month: Community Conferencing Center

The Community Conferencing Center offers community justice and conflict resolution services in inner-city Baltimore including the areas of juvenile justice, schools, neighbourhoods, prisoner re-entry and organizational conflict.



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